Our family has been engaged with hosting foreign exchange students since 2006. So many people we speak to say, “Why would you do that?” “Don’t you have enough kids already?”

Some things can’t always be explained with a simple answer. The benefit of hosting exchange students goes way beyond a simple answer. I have created this blog as an answer to those that questions, for those who are intrigued, and as a record of our incredible journey meeting citizens of the world; one student at time.

I truly believe hosting exchange students is one of the best ways parents can teach their children about world cultures, languages and global politics in a relevant, personal and organic way. Not only do these abstract concepts of foreign lands become clear and personal, it changes our hearts and minds as we begin to consider issues with a global perspective. My hope is these experiences for our family are building small steps toward world peace and global understanding.

We hope you will join us on our journey!


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    1. Thanks so much Dylan! You rock! Best of luck to you with your blogging, travels, baguettes and passports. Viva la France and your blog too!

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