Welcome to the Adventure of a Lifetime


My family and I began our student exchange journey in 2006 when I randomly responded to a postcard I got in the mail from an exchange organization looking for host families. We hosted a wonderful young man, Guillaume, for 3 weeks that summer and our lives were never the same.

In May of 2012, I received an opportunity to begin working with Academic Year in America as a Local Coordinator and that’s when this blog was born. Since August of 2012, our family has hosted 10 different high school aged exchange students. We have “family” now in China, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Morocco, France and Libya. In addition, I have come to know dozens of students from Germany, Italy, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Thailand, Armenia and Ukraine through my work as an LC.

To learn more about AYA and serve as a host family to an international student visit: AcademicYear.org 


Published by regeniaspoerndle

Mom of six, free-lance writer, part-time college teacher, exchange student wrangler, lots to share

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